Uncle Harry’s Toothpaste

Grade: A

Uncle Harry's Natural Toothpaste - Anise


The first thing I noticed about Uncle Harry’s Natural Toothpaste is that the packaging is very cool!  I love the jar that it comes in and I think they’ve done a nice job on their packaging.  I should make a note that despite really liking the jar, it is somewhat difficult to get the toothpaste onto your toothbrush.  The bottom line is that this natural toothpaste has pretty much nailed it and everything you’d expect from a good natural toothpaste option.

What I like:

  • No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Fluoride Free
  • After using it makes your teeth feel clean
  • Taste is strong
  • Some have cited that it makes their teeth look whiter.
  • Solid brand with a history of other good natural products

What I don’t like:

  • Can be difficult to find
  • Can be difficult to get the toothpaste out of the jar
  • I hesitate to even put this as a con, but the Anise flavor has a very strong smell!

Where to buy Uncle Harry’s Toothpaste:

My First Impressions:

When ordering Uncle Harry’s Toothpaste online I notice that he packaging is really cool! How often do you see toothpaste come in a jar?!

Uncle Harry Natural Toothpaste - Peppermint

After the packaged arrived, you notice the very strong smell from the Anise flavor. If you needed to clear up your sinuses, open up the Anise jar and you’re all cleared up!

The jars look very cool in person too, but then I started to think to myself, how do I actually get the toothpaste onto my toothbrush?


Uncle Harry Natural Toothpaste - Open Jar

I was able to scoop it out of the jar which isn’t too hard, but to be completely honest, a normal tube is easier. Not a big deal, but I figured it was worth mentioning.

Using the Scooping Method

 Using the Scooping Method

I used the Peppermint flavor first and the first taste of this toothpaste actually reminds me of Weleda’s Natural Toothpaste because it has a very faint salty taste to it which fades away after a couple seconds of brushing. But with Uncle Harry’s Toothpaste, it has a very strong minty taste to it and I get a nice tingly feeling in your mouth. (Have you ever used Tea Tree shampoo or conditioner? It reminds me of that, but for your mouth.)  The texture of the toothpaste is a little bit thicker than other toothpastes, but I actually prefer that because natural toothpastes have a tendency to turn very liquidy after brush for more than 30 seconds or so.  Uncle Harry’s still turns liquidy after a while, but it doesn’t seem to happen as fast.

The one thing that does happen while brushing is you’ll get some spray on your hand. I’ve tried to avoid this, but every time I’ll end up with little specs of toothpaste on my hand.  Obviously not a big deal as it washes off, but it was something I hadn’t experienced before.

Uncle Harry Natural Toothpaste - Brushing Spray

 My Long Term Update:

I’ve learned that less is more with Uncle Harry’s toothpaste. You don’t need a lot of toothpaste on your brush which has given me a better brushing experience.  I still really like the initial faint salt taste and then the stronger minty taste of the peppermint flavor.

My Final Thoughts:

This is my natural toothpaste of choice. It has everything I want from a good taste, good ingredients, a company that makes good natural products, and some cool packaging too 🙂

The Toothpaste I Use Every Day

                                                The Toothpaste I Use Every Day

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