Weleda Toothpaste

Grade: A

Welda Salt Toothpaste


I really like Weleda’s Natural Toothpaste.  I know, I know, you’re probably wondering why there’s salt in the toothpaste, and to be honest it does have a slight salty taste to it mixed with peppermint.  It does have somewhat of a grittiness taste to it, but I became accustomed to the taste and grittiness very quickly and now I really like it.  If that’s not for you, then they have a Plant Gel Toothpaste as well.  Welda has a lot of different natural products and is very reputable brand. I have some tooth sensitivity and this toothpaste has help with that, so it’s perfect for me!


What I like:

  • No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
  • Fluoride Free
  • Good option for sensitive teeth
  • Makes your teeth feel clean
  • Tiny salt crystals in the toothpaste give an exfoliating feeling
  • Weleda natural toothpaste offers other natural products such as:
    • Natural Toothpaste for children
    • Travel size toothpaste
    • Plant Gel Toothpaste if you don’t like the salt version

What I don’t like:

  • Some dislike the grittiness taste with the salt crystals (Salt version only)
  • It’s an acquired taste with the salt and peppermint combination
  • Higher cost compared to other offerings

Where to buy Weleda Natural Toothpaste:

Weleda: Natural Salt Toothpaste, 2.5 oz

My First Impressions:

Weleda has done a nice job with the packaging with its blue and white packaging. The tube seems more substantial than a national brand name toothpaste.

Weleda natural toothpaste is made in Germany and I actually think it’s pretty cool they have multiple languages on the tube: English, Italian and French.

Welda Natural Toothpaste - Packaging

This is the most attractive looking toothpaste, but honestly, if it works, that’s what I care about. It has a orange-brown look to it and it holds its form well. Smelling it definitely smells like peppermint, which I like.

Welda Natural Toothpaste - On Toothbrush


The first taste of the toothpaste does have a salty taste to it. It’s a little odd at first because you don’t expect a salty taste in a toothpaste. After about 5 seconds the salty taste seemingly goes away. Despite having a pretty strong peppermint smell, it’s not an overpowering taste. The salt and peppermint combo takes a little bit of time getting used to.  The one thing I find different about this toothpaste is that it seems to become very liquidly after brushing for even a very short time.  Habitually when I brush my teeth I start with my bottom teeth, but with this toothpaste I actually start on the top to make sure I can get enough toothpaste up there. Since the toothpaste doesn’t foam up like a national brand name toothpaste does, sometimes I feel like I am drooling toothpaste out of my mouth when brushing (nice image, right?!) This sounds dumb, but I have to be conscientious about keeping my chin up while brushing.

My Long Term Update:

I’ve been using Weleda’s toothpaste for a while and I’m continuing to really like it.  The salt and peppermint took about five days to get used to, but now it’s a taste that I like.  I enjoy the hint of salt with the first taste and then have it transition to more of a peppermint taste. I’ve also noticed that this toothpaste has helped with some tooth sensitivity.  Yes, I still have some, but it’s not nearly as sensitive as it was prior to using Weleda.

My Final Thoughts:

Weleda’s natural toothpaste is definitely one of my favorites.  It has all the right ingredients you’d want in a natural toothpaste,  it has a taste I come to like, and it’s helped some with tooth sensitivity.  What more could you ask for?

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